It’s looking better for the summer to end on a “lighter” note!

I don’t know about you but the continual smoke was starting to make me blue.  Now, I shouldn’t really be complaining.  I  didn’t lose anything to the fires.  I was not evacuated, and I started the summer in a very healthy state.  But still, between the phlegm, the bloody “boogers” in the morning, the burning eyes, and the headaches, I was really happy to see the rain on Saturday and happier still to see some blue sky today.

Rumour has it that the smoky air was equivalent to smoking 8 cigarettes per day and had a particulate score twice that of Beijing.  That does not sound to good to me considering my happiness relies on being able to play outside….

So, what to do now that we can start to breath deeply again.  Firstly, send all your good karma to those who need it and are not fortunate enough to have blue sky today and secondly, start taking some deep belly breaths.

What we want to do is break up and kick out that particulate matter.  So get out of that air conditioned air and do some belly breathing.  I mean long slow breaths that puff up your belly as big as it will go.

Now that you are feeling all calm lets incorporate other practices that will move “stuff” out of the lungs and blood.  
1.    Drink 2-3 litres of filtered water every day so we have a means to carry out the “junk”
2.    End your shower with one minute of cold water.  Remember to breath and rub the area that is in the cold water and concentrate on the lungs both front and back. (This is the same hydrotherapy I’ve been trying to get all my patients to do for years so now is a perfect time to start if your haven’t already.)
3.    Take some NAC (the supplement N-Acetylcystine). 500-1000mg 2-3 time/day to break up the phlegm.
4.    Take an infrared sauna.  Minimum 20 minutes/session to actually clear anything out.  (I like to stay about 45 minutes but I like the heat.)
5.    If you don’t’ like saunas then try an Epsom salt bath.  2-4 cups of Epsom salts per bath and you must soak a minimum of 20 minutes (maximum is when you get too pruny and the water is cold)

There are also herbs and homeopathics that could support the “detoxification” pathways and the lungs but I suggest you see your Naturopathic doctor to confirm which are appropriate for you specifically.

All the best and lets all be thankful for our clean air and do our part in keeping it clean.