“Dr. Laxton is the best!
My menopause-related problems led me to so many doctors and healthcare providers. Her sensitivity to my problems and her expert knowledge have helped me feel normal again."

– DD, Vancouver

Westcoast Naturopathic treats a broad range of health concerns and ailments.

Over many years of practice at Westcoast Naturopathic Clinic, we have developed a specialty in compassionately and effectively working with patients to treat a variety of challenging issues that are not typically well-served through conventional medicine, including:

  • Hormonal issues, including fertility, menopause and andropause
  • Digestive issues, including bloating, gassiness and bowel disorders
  • Fatigue
  • Obstetrics and infants, including natural childbirth, nutritional therapies for mother and baby and drug-free treatments for illness during pregnancy or breast-feeding.

Dr. Laxton is a primary care naturopathic physician with a deep knowledge of a variety clinically tested and proven treatment modalities. Her constant commitment to professional development means she is always up to date on the latest clinical guidelines, treatment options and scientific research.

She draws upon her significant knowledge, experience and naturopathic tools and techniques to help every one of our patients get healthier and feel better through personalized health management plans.
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Dr. Laxton is passionate about food and what we put in our bodies. All Westcoast Naturopathic Clinic, clients are asked to keep a diet diary to track how the food they eat affects their wellbeing. Recognizing the realities of our busy 21st-century lives, we help our patients adopt eating habits that support the best health for their particular situation in small, incremental steps. When patients are unable to achieve optimum nutrition through food, we offer supplements, vitamin therapy and, if required, vitamin injections.
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Using plants as medicine is an ancient and proven treatment. Dr. Laxton has an exhaustive understanding of the curative power of plants, and blends her own tinctures and teas to make sure our patients get high-quality, customized treatments for their ailments and to improve their overall health. She also uses trusted salves, tablets, capsules and poultices to help support the natural healing functions of your body.
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“Like cures like” is the basis of homeopathic medicine. Homeopathic remedies—tiny doses of gentle, non-toxic medicines that come from plants, animals and/or minerals—work with your body to stimulate healing. Homeopathy is a safe and effective choice for everyone, including infants, children, pregnant and nursing mothers and patients who are on multiple prescriptions.
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Using hot and cold water to improve blood circulation can lead to robust health benefits—from restoring circulation to improving metabolism to repairing injured, damaged or infected tissue.
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Soft tissue manipulation that follows a specific series of muscle and connective tissue movements and treats a wide variety of muscle and connective tissue problems, including sports injuries. The Bowen Technique resets the muscle memory and restoring the body to a more natural and balanced state. It can also be effective in treating conditions like asthma and hay fever.
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We all know that stress can have a devastating effect on your physical health. The mind and body are inextricably linked and that you cannot truly heal one without addressing the needs of the other. Dr. Laxton helps patients understand how their emotional state and lifestyle may be affecting them physically and works with them to develop stress management strategies that support each patient’s individual treatment plan.
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Lab tests, including blood work, saliva hormone panels, hair analysis and PAP smears, supplement the naturopathic medical process by providing important information that helps us get a complete picture of your health.
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