Are you a relatively healthy person looking to optimize your health and teach your body to heal itself?

Do you have an acute illness or condition and want to try the least invasive treatment options before prescription medication and/or surgery?

Have you been battling a chronic illness and exhausted the traditional medical system in your quest to feel better?

Do you struggle with any “women’s issues”, such as: painful periods (dysmenorrhea), infertility, postpartum depression, premenopausal symptoms and hormonal fluctuations?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then naturopathic medicine is the right choice for you.

Naturopath doctors are trained as primary-care physicians who deliver comprehensive healthcare to people of all ages and all stages in life.

Naturopaths treat virtually any acute or chronic condition, and often work with patients who have no obvious medical condition to help them optimize their health.

The main differences between a naturopathic doctor (ND) and a medical doctor (MD) is that naturopaths like Dr. Laxton work with all aspects of their patients’ health—physical, psychological and environmental—to determine the root cause of ailments or discomfort, rather than simply treating the symptoms.

What’s more, unlike conventional doctors, naturopathic physicians like Dr. Laxton spend time with their patients, getting to know every aspect of their life that could possibly be affecting their overall health.

Naturopaths work to teach your body to heal itself and even to prevent injury or illness. They use their combined knowledge of traditional and modern medicine and opt for the least invasive methods possible to get you on track for optimum wellness.

Six principles of naturopathic medicine:

1.      First do no harm — Primum No Nocere

2.     The healing power of Nature  — Vis Medicatrix Naturale

The human body has an innate ability and instinct to self heal. At Westcoast Naturopathic Clinic, Dr. Laxton works with you to help your body to repair itself.

3.     Identify and treat the cause — Tolle Causam

Symptoms are signals that something is not right in the body. Treating symptoms could sometimes mask the true cause of an illness and get in the way of true healing. We investigate and treat the cause of each of her patient’s specific symptoms, and design a thorough and individual treatment plan.

4.     Treat the whole person — Tolle Tottum

We are all unique, with our own sets of physical, psychological, social and spiritual histories. At Westcoast Naturopathic, we know that all these factors play an interrelated role in your overall health. 

5.     The physician as teacher — Docere

Everyone can and should be responsible for their overall wellbeing. We give our patients the tools and knowledge to be the custodians of their own health by monitoring their own nutritional, exercise and mental health practices.

6.     Prevention is key — Praevenire

With the understanding of each patient’s unique history and the tools to make the best choices, we help our patients avoid illness and live their healthiest possible lives.

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