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To book an appointment with Dr. Laxton, please call Westcoast Naturopathic Clinic at 604 681 5585.

Visits – What to Expect


After you have booked an appointment, at the Westcoast Naturopathic Clinic please print out the Patient Intake Form and take the time to fill it out before the appointment. Bring the completed forms to the first visit.  Dr. Laxton uses the form as a starting point in understanding your whole health picture.

Also, if possible, gather any results of recent medical tests or lab exams you may have had. Most medical doctors will be happy to provide you with copies of these tests or go to my ehealth  and access your lab test results directly.

YOUR FIRST VISIT (60 minutes)

Dr. Laxton likes to take her time to get to know you.

At your first visit to the Westcoast Naturopathic Clinic, she will spend a full hour with you. Dr. Laxton will listen as you talk about your health concerns and goals and answer any questions about her practice or naturopathic medicine in general. She will ask you about your health from head-to-toe, discuss your family history and learn about your lifestyle.

She takes this time because in order to find the root cause of your symptoms, discomfort or illness, she needs to understand how your body, mind and soul operate as a unit. This way she can come up with a customized treatment plan that will restore your natural pathways and put you on the road to optimum wellness.

Don’t forget to bring:

  • Your completed new patient forms (LINK)

  • Medical test results or imaging work you have had recently


YOUR SECOND VISIT (60 minutes)

Usually Dr. Laxton schedules you for a second visit about a week after the first. She will conduct any outstanding physical exam work and take the time to follow up on any questions or concerns you expressed on the previous visit. She will go through your diet diary and review all supplements you are currently taking.

It’s at this visit that your journey to optimum health really begins, as Dr. Laxton will provide you with a customized treatment plan and carefully explain her rationale and how to comply with the treatment.

FOLLOW-UP VISITS (30 minutes)

Follow up visits are designed to review your treatment plan, make modifications to the plan and possibly provide in-clinic therapies and tests. The frequency of these visits will depend on your particular health concerns, goals and treatment plan.

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How the Clinic Operates 

Patient Consultations

Patient consultations are scheduled on the basis of time needed to complete the planned activities. First and second consultations are scheduled for one hour. Follow-up consultations are scheduled for 30 minutes for a regular visit and one hour for extended consultations (such as complete physical exams.) Medical procedures may be priced separately from consultations.


Appointments may be cancelled with no charge any time up to 24 hours before the time of the appointment. Appointments missed without notice will be billed at one-half of the cost of the scheduled appointment.

Payment Policy

Payment is due at the time of the patient consultation, when laboratory tests are ordered and when prescribed medicines are delivered. Payment for special-order medicine is due when the medicine is ordered. We accept payment by cash, cheque, debit, Visa or MasterCard. Our office is unable to offer payment plans or credit.


In case of a medical emergency during regular clinic hours, call our office. If the medical emergency is outside our regular clinic hours, go directly to your nearest hospital emergency room.


We dispense medicines to our patients. We do not sell products to the general public. Medicines dispensed by our office are returnable for a full refund only if they are returned unopened, with the receipt, within 15 days of purchase, and in condition to be resold. Homeopathic medicines and customized tintures are not returnable.


In order to remain in practice, the clinic must charge for prescribed medicines and medical services. Westcoast Naturopathic Clinic does not discriminate. We offer our best prices to all of our patients. Please see below. 

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Fee Schedule      

Your health is your most important investment.

Most extended healthcare plans offer coverage for naturopathic visits and testing. Please check with your employer regarding your plan’s benefits. In addition, BC’s Medical Services Plan (MSP) offers partial coverage for naturopathic medical care if you are under the premium assistance umbrella.

Click here to see a full listing of our fees.

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