SUNCREEN TIPS FOR CHILDREN

1.  The safest option for kids is sun hats, umbrellas, and sun clothes.  In other words NO sunscreen at all.  This is especially important for all babies under 6 months.  Their skin is very absorbent and even subtle chemical exposure to their developing organs can have lasting effects.  Also, fair-skinned babies do not yet have melanin proteins for sun protection.

2. has a good resource page that describes the Ultraviolet Protection  Factor (UFP) labels on garments and which fabrics are best for sun protection. Click on protection then choose clothing.

3.  For your children older than six months choose a mineral sun block (as opposed to chemical sunscreen).  Zinc oxide or Titanium oxide are effective minerals to block and deflect the sun’s rays.  These minerals do NOT break down in the sun so are preferred.  However, the one downside is that these minerals can be sticky and may leave a “white” film.  But hay what do kids care as long as they can play outside all day!

4.  Never put anything on your skin you are not prepared to eat!
Adults, this goes for you too……..